19 Breathtaking and Easy Ways To Wear The Exposed Bobby Pin Trend


What was once a styling tool is now the "it" accessory everyone has to try. 

Nikki Brown Jun, 02, 2017

Although we can’t keep track of them, bobby pins are the real MVPs of our hair routine. They’re small enough to fit inside our purse and covert enough for any and every hairstyle.

We’ve spent years hiding them inside our manes, but they deserve some time in the spotlight, too. Now more than ever, women are embracing bobby pins as accessories instead of tools.

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Celebs like Solange, Uzo Aduba and Rihanna have worn their own version of the look now, women are doing the same on our Instagram feeds.

No matter your hair length or texture, you’ll quickly see that there are countless ways to rock the exposed bobby pin trend without feeling (or looking) like a fool. Keep scrolling for the inspo you need to try it out! 

1 of 19 courtesy of curl sistas

Compliment a chestnut TWA with golden pins on the side. 

2 of 19 @iliandraa/instagram

Tic tac toe, anyone?

3 of 19 @mydivacurl/instagram

Get creative by using the pins to create geometric shapes. 

4 of 19 @micaelaverrelien/instagram

Criss-cross pins are a cute compliment to any look. 

5 of 19 @chelliscurls/instagram

Even a head full of curls won't distract from a set of criss-crossed pins. 

6 of 19 @angelagarten @ashleybigfun/ instagram

A trio of pinwheels will certainly turn heads. 

7 of 19 @kelawalker/instagram

Slick back your straight mane in a stylish way with a few pins above the ears. 

8 of 19 @kelawalker/instagram

Or keep it simple by rocking them along the hairline. 

9 of 19 @d0miniue_yv0nne/instagram

Add a few carefully placed pins to a style that you were planning to pin up anyway. 

10 of 19 @naptural85/instagram

Remember, practice makes perfect. Plus, you never know how many styles you can come up with!

11 of 19 @jaybyyrd/instagram

Take your bun from basic to breathtaking with a line of bobby pins on the side. 

12 of 19 @Naturallyorz/ instagram

Replace your braids or twists with bobby pins when you're low on time, but still want to leave a lasting impression. 

13 of 19 @happycurlhappygirl/instagram

We're in love with this train track-style design. 

14 of 19 @neptunesquest/instagram

The only thing better than an afro is an afro with bobby pins. 

15 of 19 @krystledesantos/instagram

Sometimes, all you need is three.

16 of 19 @mimi_couture24/instagram

X marks the spot. 

17 of 19 @pressedforcurls/instagram

Triangles, squares, rectangles; there isn't a shape that doesn't look good. 

18 of 19 @diamondkwhite/instagram

Straight to the point. 

19 of 19 @frankeerose/ instagram

The more pins, the better!