EXCLUSIVE: Afro Sheen Is Back And We’re Proud!
Photo: Courtesy of Afro Sheen

The 1960s kicked off the natural hair revolution, and Afro Sheen was at the forefront of changing the way Black men and women perceived their kinks and coils.

Through the brand’s versatile product line for naturally curly hair, and their famous commercials that countered Eurocentric standards of beauty, Black men and women developed a new love for being natural.

Since its inception, the brand has been a pillar of Black pride. And Afro Sheen will continue its legacy with the relaunch of the iconic hair care line later this month.

On January 20, Afro Sheen will release nine new products designed for hydrating and defining textured tresses and encouraging self-expression.

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“Our new collection is designed to keep hair moisturized, defined, and healthy—for all textures and styles,” said Kelly Keith, Vice-President of Marketing at Afro Sheen.

“The new products, formulations, and packaging reflect the evolved consciousness and needs of today’s culture creator,” she continued. 

“We didn’t just bring back the old products because what we do with our natural hair has evolved. We wanted to create products that work for all hair textures— including if you rock a traditional ‘fro to a twist out to braid ups to top buns to whatever style you want to create. Expression is limitless, so these products are focused on styling to help create whatever you want to create,” Keith told ESSENCE.

The new line includes a range of affordable products at $8 each, formulated with ingredients for moisturizing, conditioning, and nourishing hair and pushing the culture forward. It includes Afro Sheen Lush ‘Fro Butter, Texture Setting Cream Gel, Crown Defining Curl Cream, Slick Back Cream Styler, Texture Flexing Foam, Glow Up Shine Spray, Velvet Flow 4-In-1 Leave-In Spray, ‘Fro Out Blow Out Spray, and 3-In-1 Nourishing Oil.

“Afro Sheen has a rich history of style, pride, and legacy. It’s a beautiful thing to continue to build upon and celebrate today and in the future,” Keith concluded.

The Afro Sheen collection will be available online at Amazon.com and in stores at Walgreens, Sally Beauty and Walmart.


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