This Artist Shaped Her Glorious Hair Into A Second Pair of Hands

Black hair is multi-dimensional, and Ivorian artist Laetitia Ky takes it to new heights!

The aspiring fashion designer recently went viral after showcasing a photo series in which she turns her voluminous hair into an additional set of hands.

Yes, you read that correctly! Ky beautifully sculpted her hair into two ponytails, with the ends crafted into hands that were photographed assisting her with everything,  from grabbing a phone to holding glasses.

Ky first posted the series on Facebook, where she explained her inspiration behind it as, “My hair in the shape of a hand [is] the expression of my thoughts, which [are] so strong that [they] decided to materialize themselves.”

Since then, the Facebook post has been shared more than 4,500 times and reposted countless times on Instagram and Twitter.

While many are finding the series creative, some have been criticizing the work as behind “demonic”, saying that the extra set of dark hands resembles an evil spirit.

We surely don’t see anything dark about this bright and bold representation of beautiful Black hair!

Check out more of the looks below, and follow Latetia Ky on Instagram to see more of her hair-raising masterpieces. 




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