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Essence [MUSIC] You know people say diamonds are a girl's best friend but I believe that a girl's shoes and her hair are her best friend. You know, I feel like you can have the fliest hairstyle and it just completes your whole outfit. [MUSIC] Over the years, I've always just had a lot of fun with my hairstyles and I've always wanted to try different things and kind of like keep it fresh that way and since I kinda start with my hair first before I go to everything else sometimes cuz it's kind of Liv's look For example, when me and my hair stylist Caesar, we did the lob. We created the lob, the long bob. So many girls [UNKNOWN] were inspired from doing that. Everyone was really experimenting with that and it made me feel like hey, this is pretty cool because girls are loving what we're Trying and doing, so it inspires me too when I get that love and it's pretty awesome. My go-to hairstyle, it depends. I love a bit of bed hair. My team picks on me, and they're like okay it looks too much like you just got out of bed. But I love wearing the bed hair because it's just effortless, not too tight of a curl, just kinda flows. What I can say about textured hair, sometimes when it has a lot of texture too it, it's even harder to maintain. So if you consistently wash your hair, consistently condition keep it soft, it's great. When you blow dry your hair after you wash your hair, sometimes you have to braid it in part so it doesn't tangle up because a lot of times you find yourself like, why didn't I Plant this hair before it dried up. So that's a good technique after washing your hair. And to touch your head, I think you got to embrace it too, you know? Sometimes a more touch the better. So I also like to say creatively, just go bold, you know, and, and be confident, and embrace that texture. [MUSIC].

Although she’s been sharing updates on her postpartum weight loss journey, Ciara has kept a relatively low profile since giving birth to her daughter Sienna Princess Wilson in May 2017. 

However, it looks like the Atlanta native is tiptoeing back into the public eye and she’s doing it in faux locs. Yesterday (June 22), the singer and mother of two revealed the hairstyle on Instagram, where she stood with her back to the camera. 

My Post Baby Faux Locs Are Back.

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As you can see, the brown and blonde locs fall right above the waist and if you’re a fan, you know this isn’t the first time Ciara has worn her hair in the popular ‘do. Following the birth of her son Future back in 2014, she took us all by surprise when she unveiled an identical style. Do we have a new tradition on our hands? 

Hopefully Ciara keeps this loc look and will incorporate it into future campaigns with Revlon, for whom she was recently named a brand ambassador.

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