33 Beautiful Crochet Hairstyles You'll Want To Copy This Fall

Nikki Brown Oct, 14, 2016

Despite being around for as long as we can remember, crochet braids have achieved a new level of popularity in recent years.The technique, which allows you to wear extensions without pulling at natural strands, is consistently sought after because of its versatility. Depending on the type of hair you utilize, it’s possible to pull off just about any type of style. Need proof? Look no further than this group of beautiful black women, who have crafted their crochet braids into an impressive mix of standout looks. From vibrant faux locs to ombre afros and coily mohawks, the inspiration never ends if you’re looking for fall fresh ideas. Prepare to be amazed! 

1 of 33 @d3ola/instagram

Could you confidently rock electric blue twists? These look fabulous! 

2 of 33 @layefabeauty/instagram

Loving the high side ponytail in this crochet hairstyle. 

3 of 33 @t0nit0ne/instagram

She's slaying the hair game in crochet locs. 

4 of 33 @krochetkulture/instagram

The bigger, the better. This voluminous crochet style is a major win. 

5 of 33 @krochetkulture/instagram

These long crochet twists are giving us life! 

6 of 33 @misstanny7/instagram

This technicolor crochet bob is a cool way to step up your fall hair game. 

7 of 33 @tarenguy/instagram

Loving the natural look of these crochet locs! 

8 of 33 @lady.bawss/instagram

Add a protective twist to your long bob this fall. 

9 of 33 @urbanbeautyhair/instagram

This voluminous crochet look would keep you warm through the winter season. 

10 of 33 @grapejuiiice/instagram

She's serving in her crochet bob. 

11 of 33 @ellurehair/instagram

We're always here for a little color! 

12 of 33 @kezihair/instagram

Yas queen! Diana Ross would approve of this crochet style. 

13 of 33 @slaycaityslay/instagram

Her curly Qs are fall-ready. 

14 of 33 @muthacreeper/instagram

She's channeling her inner Storm in a killer crochet look! 

15 of 33 @getthegloryy/instagram

Her crochet pouf if adorable! 

16 of 33 @chimerenicole/instagram

Her hair color is perfect for fall. 

17 of 33 @fridaieriksen/instagram

Who says you can't go a little lighter with your hair color for fall?

18 of 33 @naturally_curla/instagram

This shade is so rich and beautiful. Perfection! 

19 of 33 @kilahmazing/instagram

This highlighted crochet style looks fabulous. 

20 of 33 @bre_themua/instagram

This vibrant purple hairstyle looks fantastic in conjuction with equally bold makeup. 

21 of 33 @nnescorner/instagram

They do say blondes have more fun...

22 of 33 @posh_syd/instagram

Another take on the classic bob that we're obsessed with! 

23 of 33 @official_slay

She's rocking this edgy crochet style with confidence! 

24 of 33 @latifahbraid/instagram

Her dark roots and cotton candy strands are a hair combo we never knew we needed. 

25 of 33 @caysworld/instagram

We have no words; she is absolutely killing this look! 

26 of 33 @arnie_pl/instagram

She's giving us mermaid vibes with her crochet coif. 

27 of 33 @colouredbeautiful/instagram

Color is the easiest way to add some pizazz to your crochet style. 

28 of 33 @joyvivre/instagram

No matter your crochet texture, be sure to wear it in style! 

29 of 33 @ronkeraji/instagram

Don't be afraid to accessorize your crochet style. 

30 of 33 @shila.j.stylez/instagram

This hairstyle is definitely a head turner. 

31 of 33 @tailo_g/instagram

She's giving us old Hollywood glamour with her crochet hairstyle. 

32 of 33 @moebetta1/instagram

One word for this crochet hairstyle: yes. 

33 of 33 @lillylouhemian/instagram

Her afro is crochet goals.