We all know that Curlfest is a fest of curls (that was too easy) and all the different ways that we want to display and celebrate them. But it’s truly an overall wonderland of Black hair and the brands that honor our crowns in all their textures and styles. At the first ever Curlfest Atlanta, ladies (and mighty fine gentlemen) took to Candler Park in an array of looks to display how real the Black hair slay can get.

Not only were the free flowing curls that abound gorgeous, healthy, and covetable, they were rivaled by the other innovative styles worn by festival-goers.

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The Curlfest Atlanta ladies were particularly creative with their ponytails and buns, wearing them in a variety of dope ways that remind us how imaginative and trendsetting Black women are. Some ponytails were cascading from braids, some were made up entirely of protective styles, while others mixed vivid colors with muted hues. And buns went in every direction, created from every curl pattern imaginable.

It was a true revelry of Black hair in the way that the Curly Girl Collective dreamt when they created the event five years ago.


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