This Crazy Beauty Video Will Make You Say, ‘Really Sis?’
Getty Images

We’ve come across countless wacky beauty-related things on the Internet. So it takes quite a bit to make us say ‘really sis?’ However, when we stumbled across one video earlier this week, from model and vlogger @jasmeannnn, we were stopped cold.

Black women take their edges very seriously, so when we found Jasmine’s tutorial on how to slay them we were excited. But this video was not your typical baby hairs video. In it, Jasmine shows us how she creates the illusion of baby hair simply by cutting her hair.

“No baby hairs? No problem, I got you sis!” she posted. While we’ve seen vloggers shave their edges in the name of aesthetics, we’ve yet to see anyone clip their strands to do so. 

While shocking, after watching the full video we must say that Jasmine’s edges are completely laid.

Would you try cutting your hair in the name of having baby hairs? Let us know!