Colour Is The Easy-To-Use Hairstyling App Every Black Women Should Download
Cecilie_Arcurs/Getty Images

A new app has launched that helps women of color find some pretty amazing hairstyle inspiration. Called Colour, the database is the first of it’s kind — curating potential hairstyles from images that show women with textured hairstyles.

The app also allows for women to get a hairstylist sent directly to their home to help them achieve any of the fabulous looks they’ve created through the app. Stylists are hired through the Colour platform, with each stylist having experience in working with textured hair.

Created by Debra Shigley, Colour came to life after Debra found herself growing tired of waiting around all day in salons for a simple wash and set style. She dreamt up the ideal situation where she could not only have a way of trying on different hairstyles but also getting a stylist delivered right to her home.

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If you want to give the hairstyling tool and delivery service a try, check out the app on iTunes and Google Play.