Clapback Season: The Natural Hair Edition
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Internet Trolls are the worst and they are becoming more and more bold behind their keyboards now a days, but one rude Internet troll got the classiest clapback when they came for “Blackish”  star Marsai Martin after she posted a picture on Instagram! Peep the clapback below:  

#Blackish star #MarsaiMartin with the classy clapback!

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*slow clap* Well done Marsai! Marsai Martin isn’t the only celebrity that don’t play when it comes to her hair. Check how some of our favorite stars like Lupita, Solange, and Zendaya clapped back when internet trolls tried to come for their hair!

Bowie @covergirl follow them for bts photos from last night

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Please, mullet or no mullet you know I'm still gon be your WCW tomorrow😏

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When negative comments flooded Zendaya’s instagram after rocking a mullet to the Grammy Awards, the singer clapped back noting that “mullet or no mullet, you know I’m still gon be your WCW”  Bloop!

 Solange has never been the one to play with and when a magazine decided to literally edit out her hairstyle for a cover shoot, Solange clapped back with the simple “dtmh” which is an acronym for her  ” Don’t Touch My Hair” single that took over the charts last year.  The magazine has since apologized and Solange is still thriving! #theytriedit 

Hair Inspiration. Check. @vernonfrancois @voguemagazine #metball2016

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Lupita Nyong’o is has captured audiences all over the world with her dynamic acting skills and stunning beauty, but one hairstyle captured the eyes of some trolls who claimed that she got her hair inspiration for the 2016 Met Gala from Audrey Hepburn. The Kenyan actress gave them a history lesson and a classy clapback noting where her inspiration came from and the hairstylist that executed the style! #Check

Jennifer Hudson is known to bring down the house with her voice, but let the record state that she can also bring a serious clapback for internet trolls who have things to say about her hair.