These Hair Products Make the Perfect Christmas Gift for the Naturalistas in Your Life 

Jennifer Ford Dec, 13, 2017

The holiday season is among us, which means the guessing game of what to gift your loved ones has officially commenced. If you’re not sure what to get the naturalistas in your life, the answer is simple. Inspire the ultimate washday, by gifting your curl-friends with some of the best hair products in the game.

The only thing naturals love more than their kinks and coils, are the hair products that make them pop. To score gift goals (and the award for BFF), shop these top-ranked hair products below.

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A hydrating gel keeps that styles locked in place, while its nourishing oils add plenty of moisture to keep styles touchably soft.

available at SallyBeauty $10.99 Buy

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Whether your rocking coils or curls, this styler is a must have for HD definition and shine.

available at Target $8.99 Buy

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Enriched with certified natural mango and shea butter, to provide the ultimate moisture and protection for dehydrated hair.

available at Walmart $3.52 Buy

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Infused with calming jasmine notes, this botanical based elixir, produces the perfect amount of slip and moisture to destress tangled hair.

available at Target $12.99 Buy

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Softening ingredients found in this co-wash melt away dryness and brittleness, revealing smoother, shinier, and softer hair.

available at Amazon $9.49 Buy

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Drenched in cleansing and moisturizing botanicals, this no poo formula gets the job done, without all the messy suds.

available at Ulta $22 Buy

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Infused with Argan oil from Morocco, this sulfate-free cleanser removes dirt and oil, to reveal an exotic shine.

available at Target $4.99 Buy

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A unique sulfate free cleanser made with 100% pure shea butter, to prevent breakage and promote hair growth.

available at Target $4.99 Buy

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A gentle cleanser packed with purifying ingredients that detoxifies the scalp without stripping away hair’s natural moisture.

available at Walmart $17.94 Buy

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Enriched with avocado butter and shea butter, this daily moisturizer deeply penetrates and moisturize hair to protect it from breakage.

available at Kyra's Shea Medleys $13.99 Buy

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Created with certified organic and natural ingredients, this moisture rich detangling cream, smooths the hair cuticle, making it easy to remove knots with minimum breakage.

available at Target $12 Buy

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An anti-frizz formula that penetrates each hair strand, locking in moisture and shine, without weighing it down.

available at Amazon $17.99 Buy

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This blend of essential oils is ideal for refreshing the scalp in between washdays without leaving behind build up and weighing down your strands.

available at Amazon $11.99 Buy

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A custard that delivers the type of definition, moisture, and shine that curly girls covet.

available at Amazon $17.99 Buy


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