12 Celebs Who Made Headlines By Cutting Off Their Locs

Earlier this week, The Weeknd sent his fanbase into a conundrum after unveiling a new single, album release date and unexpected haircut in the same day. Up until this moment, the singer's towering locs were just as, if not more, popular than his biggest hits, which makes this makeover especially surprising. However, this isn't the first time a celebrity did the big chop. Over the years, we've watched other men and women let go of their locs for a fresh start. 

Nikki Brown Sep, 23, 2016

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Fans are still in a frenzy over Abel's new do.

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The legendary rapper and singer sported locs through the '90s, before cutting them off in the early 2000s. No matter her hairstyle, Lauryn is beautiful! 

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Who could forget Busta's towering locs throughout the '90s? By 2006, he was ready for a change and cut them off, much to the surprise of his fans. 

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The Living Single star is known for her gorgeous blonde locs, which she decided to cut off for her 40th birthday.  

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The Cosby Show veteran lived the loc life for almost 11 years before deciding to cut them off in the mid 2000s. 

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Although the R&B singer no longer wears locs, he continues to embrace natural hairstyling. And we love it! 

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With or without locs, Goapele remains one of our favorite beauty chameleons to watch on the red carpet. 

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India Arie has also worn locs and even though she's since tried other looks, our fandom doesn't waver. 

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Locs or no locs; Jason is one fine man! 

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Back in the '90s, Lenny and his head full of locs stole our hearts. We're still in love. 

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After his stint on 106&Park, the TV host let go of his signature locs. 

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When T-Pain first hit the radio airwaves, he rocked a head full of locs. He's since started fresh with a shorter cut. 


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