Celebrities Praise Photo From Hair Scene In ‘Queen & Slim’
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This week Lena Waithe posted a powerful still from the movie Queen & Slim, building on the already high anticipation for the film. In the Instagram post we get a tiny peek into the scene where Queen, played by Jodie Turner-Smith, gets her braids taken out after a major turn of events change her life’s trajectory.

The caption on Waithe’s page reads, “Who are you close to?” And on the Queen & Slim Instagram page, the same photo is posted with the caption, “We hide in plain sight.”

The photo gives a bit of The Carters vibe from their Everything Is Love album cover art, which is a still of dancer Jasmine Harper picking out Nicholas Stewart’s hair in the “Apesh-t” video. Both photos are visually stunning. They highlight not only the beauty of Black hair, but also the beauty of interacting with Black hair.

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“Who are you close to?” @queenandslim

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Waithe’s celebrity cronies—many of whom have already screened the film—didn’t wait to express how they were moved by the photo, peppering her comments section with praise and love.

Activist and writer Michaela Angela Davis said, “Black girl poetry….hair.”

Black Thought commented, “Film was breathtaking beyond measure. Poetic. Moving. Disturbing. Inspiring. Just wow.”

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“These visuals are the blackity blackest imageries on erf,” said Aisha Hinds.

And actress Rahvaunia Johnson commented, “These stills are like the dope man who keeps giving you free little samples until you are full blown hooked!”

Johnson’s words couldn’t ring truer. The movie, which premiers in theaters on Thanksgiving eve, has already garnered Oscar buzz. We’ll be getting our tickets the moment the box office opens.


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