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The One Braided Style You'll Be Rocking All Summer Long

And it only takes 5 twists and a few bobby pins!
The One Braided Style You’ll Be Rocking All Summer Long
Amanda Edwards

Actress Essence Atkins just gave us the ultimate hair inspo for the summer. The actress sported a hybrid goddess braid, opting to two-strand twist hair instead. The gorgeous protective style is elegant and easy to transition into a tousled wave style for the following week. 

To recreate the style, start with clean, detangled moisturized hair. For better slip, finger comb your favorite leave-in conditioner through your strands to prepare for parting.

Amanda Edwards

Step 1. Using a rattail comb, create a 3×1 inch part from the base of the neck to the center of the back of the head. Use duck clips to pin away lose hair.

Step 2. Flat twist the 3×1 inch section and secure with elastic to prevent unraveling.

Step 3. Starting from the upper left corner of your first flat twist, create a 1 inch wide part and part the hair in a right facing half moon finishing at the base of the neck.

Step 4. Follow the curve of the part and flat twist the hair securing it with elastic to prevent unraveling.

Step 5. Repeat step 3 parting the section in a left-facing half-moon.

Step 6. Repeat step 4.

Step 7. For the crown twist, finger part the hair on the right side and loosely flat twist the hair to the nape of the neck and secure with elastic. Repeat for the remaining free hair.

Step 8. Gather the free-flowing twists at the nape of the neck and twist into a bun, securing it in place with bobby pins.

Step 9. Tame edges with your favorite edge control and mist your hair with lightweight oil for shine.

To repurpose the style, simply unravel your twists and rock tousled waves for the rest of the week—easy to style and perfect for summer!