How to Spoil Your Hair In Between Braided Styles

Braided styles are more than just a super cute way to cut your hair care routine in half! Those classic box braids or new aged crotchets aren’t just trendy styles; they also protect your hair from heat and style exhaustion. Getting your hair braided and leaving it tucked away for weeks can be quite an euphoric experience, but the effort to take down protective styling is often overlooked. And figuring out what to do with your hair after can be an even bigger mystery! Ever wondered what to do with your natural hair after taking protective style out? Most of us rush to the hair salon in hopes of straightening out the kinks of our untamable, rough tresses or even put the hair in another set of braids.  The problem is, just as any other beauty routine demands a state of rest, so does your hair after braids. Spoiling your hair with some down time after protective styling can give your scalp down time from strain, allows oxygen to flow freely to your hair and scalp and prepare a nurturing environment for growth. Pamper your strands with these hair-spoiling practices and products before taking your next big trip to the salon. 

Alexis Webb Nov, 10, 2016