20 Cutting-Edge Ways To Rock Braids This Spring


The options are endless!

Jennifer Ford Apr, 07, 2017

Now that temperatures are finally warming up, chances are you’re on a hunt for a hairdo that can withstand humidity. Fortunately, braids check all the boxes and there’s so many unique ways to rock them this spring. 

We’ve spotted bright braided updos that are perfect for prom, mid length lobs and bobs, and even braided bangs (yup, this trend is happening). The possibilities are literally endless and they’ll carry you all the way through summer with little to zero maintenance, too. 

This season, spend more time having fun in the sun and less in the bathroom wrestling with unruly strands. Get inspired by these insanely unique, Instagram-approved hairstyles below.  

1 of 20 @eenashanairb/Instagram

Relive the '90s this season with shoulder length cornrows and dont forget to lay that baby hair!

2 of 20 @jae_every_dae/Instagram

This pastel bun and edgy undercut is a bold look for spring.

3 of 20 @kienyabooker/Instagram

For the curly curl who wants manageable curls this spring, style your strands up into this briaded pouf.

4 of 20 @rainymilo/Instagram

Make your plaits pop by securing the ends with gold hair clips, and leave the ends unraveled for an ultra-feminine touch.

5 of 20 @kerste.pitre/Instagram

Decorative hair accessories like beads and hair rings take classic cornrows to the next level.

6 of 20 @ivycoco23, @princeaday/Instagram

Flyaways are instantly concealed with these horizontal braids. 

7 of 20 @adis_beauty/Instagram

Prom updo anyone? These braids are lit!

8 of 20 @rachellehollandxx/Instagram

Go blonde this season. Rumor is you'll have more fun.

9 of 20 @louycreativz/Instagram

Can't decide between a edgy hair cut or a protective style? No problem. You can do both at the same time and look super chic.

10 of 20 @myhouseofawesome/Instagram

Bangs are better when they're braided. 

11 of 20 @my.soulstyle/Instagram

Bobs are our go to. So of course we'd find a way to rock the signature cut as a protective style and totally kill it.

12 of 20 @the.millennial.mama/Instagram

Incorporate color into you hair-drobe for spring. We love these pretty and pink braids. 

13 of 20 @slimgoodie @nyarko_photography/Instagram

Beads of all shapes and sizes are trending right now and they're a must for slaying your braided hairstyle this season.

14 of 20 @onlyonejess_/Instagram

This Beyoncé-inspired hairdo is bound to take over prom season.

15 of 20 @frogirginny

Fro goals.

16 of 20 @radiantlondonsalon/Instagram

We're even seeing braided lobs and they're lit! We love the purple highlights.

17 of 20 @dopeheadcartel/Instagram

And of course, ombre locks are still trending and they're perfect for festival season.

18 of 20 @nicolexashleyy/Instagram

Slaying in mid-length braids. 

19 of 20 @palomabarbiezinha/Instagram

Stand out with two toned braids. They'll be pretty hard to miss.

20 of 20 @yagazieemezi/Instagram

Transform into Rapunzel with these long layered braids.