We Found The Best Braid and Loc Undercuts Instagram Has To Offer


Jennifer Ford Jul, 27, 2018

Let’s be honest. During the summer season, it’s too hot to wear our braids and locs below our shoulders.

With temperatures racing towards triple digits, we’d rather throw our hair up into a bun to stay cool. And with an edgy undercut, we’ll look it too. The creative coiffure is an easy way to turn an uninspiring topknot into work of art.

From geometric shapes to tribal imprints, an undercut will instantly take your anti-heat updo from boring to chic. For inspiration, scroll through to check out a few dope designs.

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What’s not to love about this heart imprinted undercut?

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Undercuts are a cool way to give your twist a twist.

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This what we call a hairdo that's perfect from every angle.

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This undercut is super fresh.

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This tribal undercut it lit!

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This undercut is updo goals.

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An undercut fade this fresh will take your goddess locs to a new level.

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Clean lines are a perfect way to clean up the kitchen.

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 These faux locs are equal parts fancy and fun.

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Undercuts are a creative way to style Senegalese Twist.

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This undercut makes us want to level up our microbraid game.

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We're in box braid love.

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This flower imprint is super cool.

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This ombré undercut is stunning

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We’ve never seen feed-in braids quite like this.

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This is crown fit for a queen.

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We're sure the 's' is for skills!


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