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Bonding Over Bobs

Kelly Rowland and Denise Vasi had a bob buddy moment during NYFW. We found out how to get the looks.  

When Kelly Rowland and Denise Vasi of Single Ladies, embraced in shared bob-dom during fashion week, it was a defininte beauty moment. Two bobs—one real, one faux—collided under a backdrop of fashion (They were attending the showing of Public School’s fall collection—all the cool kids were there). The short-haired moment was so fun, it would be unfair to let it exist only in memory of fashion weeks past. So we asked L’Oréal Professionnel Artist and Celebrity Hairstylist, Jennifer MacDougall how to recreate the looks. So grab a friend and get bobbing!

Obviously, we wouldn’t promote self-bobbing, so how can one work with her stylist to get just the right cut?
MacDougall: There are several factors: If you have a face shape with strong bone structure a softer bob would be most flattering. For those with a beautiful neckline who want to show that off go for a shorter bob a la Kelly Rowland. A profile view are also key in ensuring that the hair cut complement your face not just from the front but from the side as well. For a round face a longer bob adds length. For a longer face shape, keep the bob length above or below the jawline.

And how do we fake a bob, like Denise?
MacDougall: Style your hair either straight or with texture—that’s up to you. Next secure your hair into a loose ponytail holding 90 degrees at the nape of neck. Pull hair looser if desired. Braid the ends of the pony tail and secure with clear elastic. Wrap and roll the braid so that you’re tucking the hair under. Bobby pin the hair you tucked under to the braids at the nape of your neck. Mist with a holding spray like L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium 3 hairspray.