All The Most Fascinating Ways Black Women Grew Back Their Edges in 2017
David-Prado/Getty Images

There’s no denying that Black women have always cared about their edges. From creating intricate styles with our baby hair to maintaining them with care, our edges are very important.

But in 2017, it seemed like Black women were a bit more adventurous and creative when it came to the products they used to help their edges flourish. Let’s face it, we’re DIY queens! 

While serums, shampoos and conditioners that stimulate hair growth have been around for a very long time, this year women skipped the beauty aisle all together. For the most part, we discovered these edgy (no pun intend) hair trends on YouTube and we’ve rounded them up for your viewing pleasure. 

Keep scrolling to see these trends and videos yourself. 

1. Vicks Vaporub: This year we saw a cold relief product go from the medicine cabinet to the beauty aisle (you can read the full story here). Many woman tried and swore by the salve as a miracle solution for growing edges and hair.

2. Shaved Edges: Yes, you read that right! Black women went rouge and actually shaved their edges completely off this year (you can read the full story here), in an attempt to start fresh. Some women, like natural hair vlogger Felicia Mesadieu, took razor to scalp in the name their edges. 

3. Relaxing/Texlaxing: While many Black women across the globe have embraced their natural kinky and coily texture, there is still one thing that they want sleek and straight, their edges, and many naturalistas are relaxing their edges, and they’re telling people that they are. 

4. Placenta Treatments: Made up of animal placenta extract, placenta hair treatments are known to increase hair follicle growth and decrease hair shedding.

5. Monistat 7: This might be one of the wildest things we saw women doing to their edges. Even though it’s not new, there seemed to be a resurgence of Black women using ‘coochie cream’ to help grow their hair faster and fuller.  



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