Black Twitter Calls Out Victoria’s Secret For This Model’s Unkempt Hair
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Black Twitter doesn’t let anything fall through the cracks and the latest brand to be dragged through the mud is Victoria’s Secret.
Yesterday (June 7), the lingerie giant trended for all the wrong reasons when Twitter user @CrownedByChina shared a screenshot of model Zuri Tibby from its website. (Fun fact: She is Victoria Secret’s first Black spokesmodel for the PINK label.)

TSR STAFF: Thembi @ThembiTV_ _____________________________________ It's safe to say that black hair is always a topic of discussion in some shape, way or form. Be it because we're slaying and have it laid for the gawds; be it because it's being culturally appropriated, or be it because our wigs are getting snatched [literally] because we didn't secure them properly. _____________________________________ Today, it is because Black Twitter feels like Victoria's Secret, ASOS, and other fashion sites have model Zuri Tibby all the way f*cked up as they put it; because they feel as though the necessary steps to make sure homegirls hair was laid weren't taken care of during these shoots. _____________________________________ Twitter user @CrownedByChina tweeted a screenshot of Zuri from Victoria's Secret website with the caption, "Black lives matter! Say her name! We gotta help sis out!!! VICTORIA GOT SIS F*CKED UP!” _____________________________________ The tweet has since been retweeted over 4000 times and Black Twitter is not amused and feels as though "we need to save her.” _____________________________________ Some melanin challenged tweeters seemed confused and didn't understand what the 'problem' was as they asked questions such as "What's wrong with this?"; "What happened?" or "What's wrong??? I don't see anything bad, she is serving looks!” _____________________________________ Twitter user @YaelaTheMilf had no shame responding to those questions saying "What looks? 'Homeless?' 'Ran out of conditioner'? 'Let white women play in my hair?'" Oop. _____________________________________ Another Twitter user even brought Tyra Banks into it saying--Read more at

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Although the 21-year-old looks fab in a strapless bra, many have accused the brand of leaving her hair unkempt and messy compared to other models on the site. “Black lives matter! Say her name! We gotta help sis out!!! VICTORIA GOT SIS F*CKED UP,” read the initial caption, which was retweeted over 4,000 times. And although the @CrownedByChina account has since been deactivated, Twitter users have continued to discuss the now viral photo.   Although many don’t see an issue with the Tibby’s ‘do, others have expressed their disappointment in Victoria’s Secret stylists, who they feel should’ve taken better advantage of her versatile texture and created a more flattering look. Behind-the-scenes diversity continues to be a hot button issue as more models and industry professionals speak out about working with stylists who haven’t been educated on how to work with brown skin or textured hair. Moments like these will certainly keep the conversation going.


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