19 Celebrities Who Will Inspire You To Break This Fall Hair Rule

Get ready for vampy makeup and pumpkin spice everything: it's the first day of fall! With each season comes an opportunity to hit the reset button in all aspects of life, including hair. It's assumed that we should wear darker hues this time of year, but au contraire; sometimes rigid beauty rules are meant to be broken. Instead of opting for brown and black locks, consider going the complete opposite direction like these celebrities. Be it platinum or highlighted, taking on some variation of blonde can be a fun way to stand out during the fall season. Get inspired by Beyoncé, Ciara and more brown beauties below.  

Nikki Brown Sep, 22, 2016

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Taraji traded out her brown locks for a vibrant blonde bob at the 2016 Toronto Film Festival premiere of Hidden Figures. We can always count on the Golden Globe winner for standout hair inspo! 

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Beyonce's honey-blonde hair is all the convincing we need to experiment with brighter hues this fall.   

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Like Ciara, opting for a lighter shade doesn't mean your roots need to comply. The dark root/light strand combination gives us high fashion vibes. 

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Zendaya totally switched it up on us when she rocked a short blond pixie with a brown lippie at her Daya shoe launch. This whole look combo is giving us serious fall vibes!

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Laverne Cox delivered old Hollywood glamour during this year's Primetime Emmy Awards. While attending Variety's pre-show celebration, the OITNB actress flaunted her hair, which includes various shades of brown and blonde. Loving it! 

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Hall’s big day is on Dec 12.

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For those who are stuck between diving head first into the dye box and subtle highlights, going ombre may be the move. Like Lala Anthony, adding lighter colors to your locks will bring dimension to whatever style you're rocking. 

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No matter the season, Jillian has never been afraid to rock bright shades. Her slighty strawberry blonde ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for fall. 

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Jaz Sinclair, star of When The Bough Breaks, is one of our favorite curly girls on the Hollywood scene. And her brownish-blonde locks are proof that you can pull off this shade year-round. 

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Jourdan is always on our radar, thanks to her chameleon-like hair moments. We've seen her try just about every style and this blonde bob is one of our favorites! 

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The up and coming model is just one of many proudly rocking their curls on the runway. We look forward to seeing how she'll style her blonde hair this fall. 

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Tyra is an authority when it comes to beauty, so we're always looking to her for hairstyle ideas. Her highlighted locks are always on point. 

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Dark roots and dyed locks are a killer combination; just ask Tia Mowry. This is one of our favorite looks on the TV and film actress. 

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How gorgeous is Cynthia?! We've been in love with her bleached coif since she made her debut in The Color Purple

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We can't recall a time where Leona's tresses weren't bright and blonde. We're dying to know how she keeps her curls so light and bouncy. 

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Jordyn's signature color is blonde and for good reason. No matter the style, she always looks amazing in the lighter hue. 

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Leave it to "Eva the Diva" to show us how it's done. The model/actress has taken on a bevy of hair looks and slayed every one. 

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Since reemerging earlier this year, the "All The Way Up" rapper has been experimenting with very blonde hair. 

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Mary J. Blige is stepping into fall with a blonde coif. Will you be doing the same?