17 Stylish Ways to Dress Up Your Hair 

17 hair accessories that are perfect for dressing up Afros, braids, curls, ponytails and so much more!

Virginia Lowman Jul, 12, 2016

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With summer in full swing, hair can be a lot to deal with. For those days when you can't be bothered with a comb, we've picked out the hottest hair accessories to carry you from summer through spring so you can have your best hair ever!

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Leave the boring bobby pins at home and embellish your hair with these beauties instead!

$16 (for a set of 3), at nordstrom.com

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Add a pop of color to any braided or loose style for a look that's bohemian and totally on trend.

$6, at charmingcharlie.com

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Upgrade your sleek GNO look with a super chic embellished headband.

$24, at nordstrom.com

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Take your hive status to the next level with this pavé headband.

$10, at charmingcharlie.com

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This embellished headband is anything but basic. Dress it up or down and wear it all year long!

$988, at nordstrom.com

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Crystals and pearls are the perfect hair accents for special occasions.

$34, at nordstrom.com

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Accessorize your updo with a gorgeous beaded crown.

$19.20, at nordstrom.com

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Flying South sometime this summer? These swallow bobby pins should definitely go with you!

$45, at nordstrom.com

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Add a little razzle dazzle to your 'do with these vintage hair pins.

$14.99, at claires.com

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Leader of your squad? Why not let the world know? This headband is hair and squad style goals.

$4.90, at forever21.com 

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Channel your inner Spice Girl (or cheerleader) with fluffy pom pom hair clips.

$12, at nordstrom.com

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Add a touch of luxe to your tresses with this velvet headwrap.

$98, at nordstrom.com

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Can't get your hair to act right? Twist it up and cover it with a stylish turban.


$14, at icing.com

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Gold and butterflies make everything better. This headband is sure to become a staple in your summer wardrobe.

$115, at nordstrom.com

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Who needs elastic hair ties when you have the option of ditching the tangles (and the breakage) and using a leather hair tie instead?

$275, at nordstrom.com

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Repeat after us: Every girl needs to have a gold crown in her wardrobe.

$16.80, at nordstrom.com

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Dress up low buns or lock styles with a super stylish fan pin.

$32, at chloeandisabel.com


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