10 Silky Sleep Aids For Your Healthiest Hair Yet

Cotton pillowcases and textured hair are not a healthy combination. Because it absorbs the essential oils needed to nourish your locks, this fabric actually leaves you prone to breakage. To maintain the health of your hair, opt for silky sleep aids instead. Silk and the more affordable satin keep hair from tangling because strands slide against the material, instead of attaching to it. Shop our favorite bonnets and pillowcases below. 

Jennifer Ford Sep, 20, 2016

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This pillowcase is effective for treating common sleep skin/hair related problems and comes in a variety of colors. $35, lilysilk.com.

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Made from 100% satin, an affordable alternative to silk, this pillowcase is nonabrasive and won’t strip your hair of moisture. $8, target.com.

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Reduce matting, breakage, and tangling with this nonabsorbent satin pillowcase that allows you to wake up with smoother skin and hair. $17, walmart.com.

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Sleep freely with this silky, static- free pillow case that keeps hair from snagging and thinning. $55, kimkimble.com.

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Increase the longevity of your protective style while maintaining the health of your hair with this adjustable bonnet. It can cover everything from rollers to rod sets. $4, target.com.

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Wake up with minimal bedhead, thanks to this dermatologist-recommend pillowcase that prevents wrinkles, dry skin and frizzed hair. Made with pure mulberry charmeuse silk, this pillowcase provides an irresistible, extra soft texture. $27, overstock.com.

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Prevent breakage while you sleep with this satin cap that stays in place and is large enough to fit braided styles. $3, sallybeauty.com.

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Nearly a full yard of silk was used to make this luxe cap, which includes comfort bands and ties for a painless fit. $48, prettyanntoinets.com.

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This hypoallergenic pillowcase is made out of the highest grade of mulberry silk, providing the ultimate combination of, shine, softness, and durability while also hydrating your hair and skin. $79, sephora.com.

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Give your hair the ultimate protection from breakage and lock in moisture with this fun sleep cap. The Natural Hair Shop offers satin bonnets in a number of festive prints and at affordable prices. $25, naturalhairshop.com.


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