The 7 Best Hair Growth Stimulators to Help Your Edges Flourish


Jennifer Ford Nov, 08, 2017

The word snatched is used as a term of endearment when it comes to describing one’s makeup and waistline, but when it comes to the hairline the opposite is true. 

As black women, we tend to gravitate towards protective hairstyles that cause tension along the hairline such as braids and weaves. Overtime, these styles can cause the hairline to thin out or even result in traction alopecia. The good news is that snatched edges aren’t necessarily beyond repair. If you’ve experienced breakage, try one these top-rated growth stimulators below to restore your hairline.


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This leave in treatment detoxifies the scalp and removes dead skin cells to help increase cirulation of nourishing vitamins that stimulate hair gowth.

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This blend contains carrier oils that penetrate the scalp and hair follicle to combat thinning hair, shedding, and dullness without weighing down your strands. Use this product on a daily basis as a spot treatment for the best results. 

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In addition to Vitamins A, C, and E, this nourishing formula contains active botanicals like licorice root and white tea extract to help grow stronger, longer, and healthier hair. Use the brush applicator to deposit these fortifying ingredients onto delicate areas of your scalp and hairline as needed. This formula can be used on all hair types.

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This all natural oil  features Jamaican red pimento oil, which is an antioxidant that helps to improve the circulation of key nutrients contained in this product, such as coconut oil and Jamaican black castor oil. These ingredients aid in the reduction of hair loss and shedding, and promote hair growth. For the best results, massage product directly into the scalp every two to three days.

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This product was designed to stimulate hair growth in stubborn areas such as bald spots and thinning edges. Coined as the genie in a bottle, this magical serum contains ingredients that will grant your wish for luscious hair.  The formula boasts a sweet smell of peppermint, a cool and soothing sensation, that promote stimulation.

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By now we’re all familiar with the fortifying effects of Jamaican black castor oil on distressed hair. However, some products on the market are formulated with artificial ingredients that yield no results. Tropic Isle handpicks every single castor bean from it’s Living Isle farm in Jamaica to ensure the highest quality. This products detoxifies the scalp, reduces hair loss, and supports thicker hair growth.

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Repair damaged hair follicles with this potent elixir containing gingko biobla and vitamin e. These ingredients reduce inflammation and improve circulation so nutrients within this product like grape seed oil and castor oil, can penetrate the scalp and stimulate hair growth. For best results, use this product twice daily on chemical free hair.

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