SOS: 5 Soothing Oils To Relieve Your Dry Itchy Scalp

Jennifer Ford Jul, 11, 2018

Dry scalp will honestly have you feeling like a backup dancer in Beyoncé’s Single Ladies music video, you’ll find yourself patting your weave, natural hair,  or whatever you’ve got going on way before the song’s hook drops in an attempt to relieve the discomfort. 

To keep your scalp in formation, douse your roots with our favorite hair oils.

These five formulas combat everything from dryness to dandruff. If your scalp needs saving, allow us to introduce you to these hair saviors. 

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Castor oil holds a special place in our hearts and hair regimen. The staple has been used to rescue damaged hair for decades. This cold-pressed organic castor oil is a natural blend of proteins and minerals that will save your scalp and edges.

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The name tells you just what to expect from this unique treatment. A scalp revival! Charcoal, essential oils, witch hazel, and aloe work together to bring your scalp back to life.

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The pointed nozzle makes it easy to dispense this daily scalp conditioner onto your roots.  It's formulated with a rich blend of nourishing ingredients that will soothe, strengthen, and hydrate your hair.

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This potent blend of rosemary and avocado oil certainly lives up to its name. It miraculously vanquishes pesky dry flakes and rehabs your scalp so that your hair is softer, shinier, and manageable in no time.

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Moroccan Oil has invigorating benefits for our hair and scalp. Its antioxidants help to boost the circulation of nutrients that relieve dryness while promoting vivacity and shine. If you don't already have this unrivaled scalp saver, do yourself a favor, get it now.

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