20 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Hair While Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

The holidays are always super busy. Between running errands, preparing for house guests and cooking dinner, many of us will find ourselves cutting corners with our beauty routine. However, that doesn't mean we have to look like it. Make this hectic time of year seem effortless by styling your hair into an easy and beautiful updo. Whether you’re cooking a Thanksgiving feast or doing light cleaning, an updo is a convenient hair style for getting things done and with no hassle. Get inspired by these holiday-ready styles, spotted on Instagram. 

Jennifer Ford Nov, 22, 2016

1 of 20 @nnescorner/instagram

It’s all eyes on you with this twisted updo.

2 of 20 @_gabriellaelena/Instagram

Keep your hair as festive as the holidays with these fun bantu knots adorned with gold hair clips. 

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We love these gorgeous grey top knot genie locs.  

4 of 20 @thecurlybee/instagram

This curly ponytail is poppin'. 

5 of 20 @itsmeike/Instagram

If all else fails, a beautiful head wrap always comes in handy. 

6 of 20 @freshlengths/Instagram

 A messy bun is perfect for any and every occasion. 

7 of 20 @nakawunde/ instagram

We’re swooning over this gorgeous mohawk-inspired updo. 

8 of 20 @modelesque_nic/Instagram

Style mini buns down the center of your head into the shape of a mohawk. 

9 of 20 @imadamejay/Instagram

No time to dry your curls? Pineapple it. This styling method is tried and true. 

10 of 20 @lovebritmarie/Instagram

Spruce up your pixie cut with a rod set. 

11 of 20 @britneynicoleeee/instagram

To keep your curls (and bangs) from falling flat, throw them into a beautiful messy bun. 

12 of 20 @micheledee_/Instagram

A half up, half down updo is always easy and beautiful. 

13 of 20 @heycurlie/Instagram

Bun goals. 

14 of 20 @julzjones/instagram

Pineappling is always an effortless and beautiful go-to. 

15 of 20 @westafricanbaby/Instagram

Accessorize your updo with a bandana. 

16 of 20 @allthingsammamama/Instagram

OK, so it's not an updo, but we live for big hair and this volumous afro is everything!

17 of 20 @thelolawilliams/instagram

No time to style your hair? Set it and forget it with a gorgeous rod set.

18 of 20 @nellzlioness/ instagram

This gorgeous updo is perfect for getting things done. 

19 of 20 @simplymarkeita/instagram

Style your goddess braids into a bun.

20 of 20 @falonjaloi/Instagram

Part your hair into 6 sections, secure them with a rubber band and twist ends together towards the front of your head to form this easy but, intricate looking updo.