Best Braid Designs on the ‘Gram for Some Major Summer Hair Inspo

Jennifer Ford Jun, 20, 2018

Braids are a black girl’s summer staple style. They are cool, chic, and are easy to maintain.

Though sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of styles: simple cornrows, twists, or box braids. Get creative this summer with your braids by playing around with color, accessories, and designs. If you’re one who lacks imagination when it comes to a style or design, we’ve got you covered.

We scoured the ‘Gram for some of the flyest and fiercest braid styles that you should definitely give a try this season.

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This a-maz-ing braid pattern is made cute and chic with the two buns on the side.

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Play with the colors of the rainbow with this multi color cornrow look.

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Get a bang with these braids that swoop down on the forehead for a chic and sleek look.

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Get edgy with this statement braid in the center in a huge mohawk.

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Get into the sleek pony paired with gorgeous braids in this ethereal look.

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Put a twist on your cornrows with this sleek style that blossoms into flowing braids.

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These braids are taken to the next level with metal jewelry and accessories.

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The braids. The ‘fro. This style is a major statement piece that shows off your personality and style.

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The intricate design on this style is definitely an eye-catcher.

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The twists and braids styled into a mohawk gives texture and volume.

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This curved braids in this style make it a gorgeous look for any occasion.

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This braided crown is a twist on the goddess crown by making the center intricate with ornate details.

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The swirls of color in this style give it an edge.

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The blonde swirling in these braids make a for a delicious style.

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The binding and twine in this style give it a unique twist on a classic look.

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The bold red color in these braids make them a fire hot look for summer.

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The maze on the updo of this style def give it a twist on a simple style.


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