23 Beautiful Black Women Who Will Make You Want Goddess Locs


Add this to your list of protective styles to try.

Nikki Brown Jul, 27, 2017

Faux locs have been around for decades, but we have Dr. Kari Williams and her celebrity clientele (Meagan Good, Eva Marcille and more) to thank for another wildly popular variation: goddess locs.

The lightweight look, which uses wavier strands to create a softer and slightly weathered loc, was created by the natural hairstylist and trichologist years ago and today, it’s all over our Instagram feed. Could we have a new classic on our hands?

Check out 23 Black beauties who are slaying summer in their own version; you may just want to try it yourself. 

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1 of 23 @kellechie/instagram

Back to black with hair charms to match. 

2 of 23 @astoldbybrittanyd/instagram

Rainbow colors are always a good idea. 

3 of 23 @stylingmymane_miami/instagram

Chestnut shades are the perfect match for your summer glow. 

4 of 23

It's the perfect 'do for your vacay slay! 

5 of 23 @nelita_makeup/instagram

And you don't have to wear them long! Cut them into a bob if you prefer a shorter style. 

6 of 23 @olaj_arel/instagram

Don't be afraid to request a straighter, more uniform look to your stylist. 

7 of 23 @cocochannelle/intsagram

When you're rocking a bold color, there's nothing more fierce than matching your hair to your lipstick! 

8 of 23 @kimmykalon/instagram

Dark hues are just as bold and fierce as a pastel shade. 

9 of 23 @curlsandcouture/instagram

Don't be afraid to mix and match with more than one color like this beauty.

10 of 23 @jadenovah/instagram

Major key: Black girls always slay in honey blonde hair. 

11 of 23 @liamonet / instagram

Locs are the perfect style for accessorizing with string, rings and charms. 

12 of 23 @brienneyvonne/instagram

Take a break from those waist length braids and slay in rapunzel locs instead. 

13 of 23 @jewjewebee/instagram

Go crazy with the curliest tendrils! 

14 of 23 @xolovekailyn/instagram

As you can see, goddess locs are softer than the more traditional faux locs. 

15 of 23 @joleanmua/instagram

You're guaranteed to turn heads in bubblegum pink. 

16 of 23 @heygorjess/instagram

And if you're not here for outrageous colors, you'll make an equally bold statement in this simple variation. 

17 of 23 @naturalbabe10.11_pro/instagram

And if you want to tip toe into something edgier, try working with different shades of one darker color, like this beautiful brown hue. 

18 of 23 @jadenovah/instagram

You also have the option of having your curly ends as long or short as you want. Sky's the limit! 

19 of 23 @boholocs/instagram

As you can see, locs are always camera-ready. 

20 of 23 @rhythmnbeauty/instagram

Like real locs of traditional faux ones, your goddess locs can also vary in thickness. 

21 of 23 @nubiangoddessbeauty/instagram

We're also seeing a lot more women use silky hair, typically reserved for Senegalese twists, to create their goddess look. 

22 of 23 @nappyheadedjojoba

And because these locs aren't so stiff, you can easily style them under an accessory. 

23 of 23 @yogi_goddess/instagram

We'll always be here for purple hair!