Bang-spiration: Cuts for Every Face Shape

We admit it, finding (and achieving) the perfect bangs for your face shape does require a bit of trial and error. "Bang length can be decided via a number of ways," explains Patrick Wellington of Wellington Hair Spa. "A couple of great indicators are face shape and brow line. A smaller, rounded face tends to support a shorter bang while a stronger jawline and high cheekbones are beautifully complemented with a longer style."

One false move with the scissors and you could potentially be spending the next few month growing out your mistake. "I always tell clients to try faux bangs before actually cutting them," explains hairstylist and extension specialist, Jawara Wauchoupe. Looking for some summer bang-spiration? These ladies will show you how it's done!

Janell Hickman Jun, 29, 2016

1 of 19 @sanaalathan via Instagram

Overgrown fringe can look super chic especially with casual waves.

2 of 19 @andradaymusic via Instagram

Put your fringe forward with retro-inspired pin curls and a stunning silk scarf.

3 of 19 @aaliyahjay via Instagram

Sleek bangs effortlessly enhance longer lengths.

4 of 19 @iamjhud via Instagram

Hit a hairstyle high not like J-Hud with perfectly piece-y, bangs that look lived-in.

5 of 19 @forevermalika via Instagram

The side bang effortlessly frames a rounded face shape to complete and total perfection.

6 of 19 @jai_nice via Instagram

A glam blond 'do is sexy—but a glam blonde 'do with a set of killer fringe is fabulously lethal!

7 of 19 @londonzhiloh via Instagram

Larger style ringlets are facially slimming—remember, the longer the better. "Use one product you really like, in a minuscule amount," explains Wellington. "Bangs tend to have quicker product buildup."

8 of 19 @kluermoi via Instagram

Curly bangs are always a do—as long as you keep them at the right length. "Definitely opt for a dry cut; not only dry but straightened as well to create the most precise and accurate cut," says Wellington.

9 of 19 @laeldivine via Instagram

Just don't consider your face shape—bangs can also be the perfect finishing touch for your frames as well.

10 of 19 @badgalriri via Instagram

The secret to getting Rihanna's effortless look is to play up your hair's volume in a natural way.

11 of 19 @chloekitembo via Instagram

Don't let your 'fro (or wash-and-'go) stop you from adding some fringe. Simply style with an amazing curling cream, then air dry as normal.

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Who says bangs have to be boring? One dramatic curl is all it takes.

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"If it's your first time trying bangs, a longer cut will be probably be more comfortable as you can easily pin it back if you have a change of heart," explains Wellington.

14 of 19 @nicolerichie via Instagram

Add depth to your bangs like Nicole, by starting your part approximately a quarter from the crown of your head.

15 of 19 @thejenniejenkins via Instagram

Fringe that veers to the longer side can be easily swept to the side for a show-stopping punk-rocker vibe.

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Rashida's bangs are banging in this adorable retro bob. She proves that heart shaped divas can rock shorter fringe just as well (if not better) as anyone else.

17 of 19 @zendaya via Instagram

Fake fullness with letting your darker roots show to add depth.

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Give your fringe a futuristic makeover by experimenting with varying lengths. This choppy style works spectacularly paired with a top knot (or bun).

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This wavy-straight combination is an interesting mesh of textures. Heart-shaped faces thrive in straighter bangs styles that draw attention to sculpted cheekbones.


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