We know you’ll be kicking up your stilettos all night long on New Year’s Eve–but will your hair hold up? Don’t let marathon dancing, challenging weather conditions (hello, humid rain!), or a sweaty makeout session ruin your festive hairdo. We asked celebrity hairstylist Marcia Hamilton how to keep your ‘do looking sexy into the wee hours of January 1st–whether you’re rocking natural curls, and updo, or a Sanaa Lathan-style blowout. If you’re dealing with humid weather or working up a sweat dancing, your hair can get super-frizzy. Not cute. How do we fight mid-party frizz?
Marcia Hamilton: Combat frizzies by applying a shine serum like David Babaii for WildAid Shine Polish ($12.50) over your hairstyle. On the go? Pack a bottle of J Beverly Hills Hair Shine Mist ($14.18) in your purse before hitting the club or a party. How do you keep a blowout looking shiny and straight for hours?
Hamilton: For all-night shine and sleekness, have your stylist apply a dollop of Joico K-Pak Restorative Styling Oil ($15.27) throughout your hair blowing it out. This essential oil blend hydrates and nourishes the hair, leaving it so smooth. Any great tips for refreshing a deflated natural ‘do?
Hamilton: Always keep Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm ($14.83) and Loreal Ellnett Satin Extra Hold Hairspray, Travel Size ($17) in your purse. Adding a dollop of the Super Skinny balm throughout your hair helps define the curl and lock out frizz. And a light mist of the hairspray helps restore bounce and shine to your style. If you’re rocking an updo, what’s a quick, easy way to tidy up escaped tendrils?
Hamilton: Again, a travel size can of hairspray is great for smoothing loose pieces of hair back in place. can of hair spray in your purse for loose tendrils. If you forget your spray, simply scrape your hair back with your fingers, and smear on a dab of sheer lip gloss. Sounds crazy, but it always does the trick! Is New Year’s Eve a good time to debut a new hairstyle, or should we save the experiment for a less important night?
Hamilton: Absolutely try something new on New Year’s Eve! I’d even suggest ringing in 2010 with a new haircut, altogether. An eye-skimming fringe always looks fresh and new…and it’s an easy way to update your look without going too drastic.

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