Are Finger Waves Making a Comeback? India Love Shows Us How to Wear Them

Finger waves are nothing new and while often attributed to the roaring 20’s, there’s no denying that Black women perfected the look in the 90’s. These days we’ve said ‘goodbye’ to the hard and shiny finger wave, and are evolving to a softer, much looser wave.

The most recent celeb to rock the look is India love, star of BET’s show The Westbrooks. While playing around with a fun filter on Snapchat, she recently shared four playful pictures of the retro hairstyles with a softer, shinier look.

The Story Behind Ciara’s Metallic Pin Curls From The MET Gala

Earlier this month Ciara sported metallic silver finger waves at the MET Gala, and we’ve even spotted Queen Bey’s wearing the look from time to time, too. Perhaps the best part of the twist on the old look is that it can be created on natural and relaxed hair.

Are you game for wearing the look? How do you plan to style your waves?