Andy Allo Talks What It Means to Be a #Fronatic
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If you’ve checked out singer-songwriter, Andy Allo’s Instagram in the past 6 months, you’ll notice mentions of #Fronatics, a term she created to define women who are embracing their curly, wild hair. But the Cameroonian-born beauty is more than meets the eye—her voice is like an angel and she’s the newest brand ambassador for DevaCurl. Before she hits the stage at ESSENCE Festival, we sat down with the 26-year old to find out what she’s bringing to the biggest live music festival. On Instagram you talk a lot about being a #fronatic. What does that mean for you?
Andy Allo: A fronatic is someone who is not a fanatic, but someone who’s excited about being themselves whether it’s letting your natural self shine. But, #fronatic stands for so much more than just having an Afro. That’s what I call my fans, they’re fronatics. It’s [about] embracing who you are and letting your hair go wild and letting it do whatever it wants to do. Okay. Do you have a crazy fronatic story?
Allo: I performed in Tokyo last year and after the show one fan came up and he had the biggest Afro wig on. And it looked natural for a second, I was like ‘wow, how did he get his hair so curly and nice?’ And then he pulled the wig off, and I was like ‘oh my gosh!’ But he bought the wig specifically for the show and just one of my biggest fans. So that was really fun. How do you maintain your hair on and off stage? Is your routine the same?
Allo: I pretty much let my hair do whatever it wants. I learned a long time ago, not to try and control my hair because then it gets mad at me. It has it’s own personality! As far as the routine, I use a lot of conditioner. I only recently started using no-poo, it’s shampoo but it doesn’t have a lather and it doesn’t strip your hair. Last week you posted a photo with the caption, ‘Wigging Out.’ Do you like wigs for the summer?
Allo: I love wigs just to kind of shock people a little bit. But those are the days that I kind of give my hair a break. I will deep condition it and do a couple french braids, and I’ll throw a wig on. When I [first] posted a picture of me with a wig on, my fans lost it. The fronatics went crazy, huh?
Allo: Yeah, yeah, they were like, ‘Oh, what have you done?’ Let’s talk about DevaCurl. We hear you’re the new brand ambassador for the brand.
Allo: Yes, I’m the new brand ambassador, and representing the brand. I wrote a list of goals earlier this year, as one does at the beginning of the year, and one of my goals was to work with a hair company. I drew an arrow, and at the end of the arrow was DevaCurl. Wow! That’s awesome!
Allo: It’s incredible that six months later I’m working with a brand that I use and I love. It’s so authentic; it’s such a great partnership. And I’m excited to bring new light into the brand. What’s your favorite DevaCurl product?
Allo: I use their Styling Cream and I recently started using the Super Cream and I don’t have to use as much, which is great because I have so much hair that I end up using a lot of product. Are you bringing it with you to Essence Festival?
Allo: Absolutely! Yes, I’m bringing my DevaCurl team, which is my three products. They’re my little team that go in my carry-on. I’m bringing the No-Poo Decadence as well. Do you have a hair crush? I know you’re a hair crush for a lot of women, but is there someone’s hair that you admire?
Allo: Can I say me? No, just kidding! I spent a lot of time on Pinterest looking at blonde Afros before I changed my hair color last year. So I don’t know if it’s anyone specific, I just know I saw a lot of women on Pinterest who were rocking blonde hair and I loved it. I used some of those pictures as inspiration for my stylist, the Curl Doctor, his name is Shai. What are your other beauty essentials?
Allo: After a long day of walking around the Festival and soaking in the New Orleans humidity and heat, I know I’m going to want to have to wash my hair. I think I emailed the list of that as well. I like Clarins sunscreen. I like this one because it’s really light, and even once I put it on, I feel like there’s nothing on my face. I also use 100% Pure for their eyeliner, powder and blush. And why is that?
Allo: I recently started switching over to using more natural make up, and I wanted to see how my skin reacted to it. As soon as I started using it, my skin just felt so much better and I felt like I wasn’t putting so many chemicals on my face. I also like Lancôme mascara, MAC lip conditioner and MAC Ruby Woo.

Be sure to check out Andy Allo at the 2015 ESSENCE Festival!