This Little Girl’s Stunning Wig Transformation Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes 
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Unexpectedly loosing your hair can be very traumatic, especailly if you’re a young girl. For many of us our hair is an integral part of our personality, and used to express ourselves. Which is why those who suffer from genetic hair loss, also known as alopecia areata, often times experience depression. 

Such is the case with 10-year-old Nyala.

The young girl suffers from a severe case of alopecia areata and began loosing her hair about four months ago; and as a result, lost her smile.

LA-based hairstylist @sadiddygirl wanted to help young Nyala smile again. Earlier this week, the stylist posted a video to her Instagram account of an epic hair transformation she created for Nyala. 

“This was a very traumatizing experience for her and also very depressing. So we colored a sadiddygirl wig and installed and walaaaaa she’s back in action and smiling again,” she shared via Instagram. 

Alopecia effects almost seven million people in the U.S., including children. The condition has recently garnered more public attention, and was even the subject of a recent episode of This is Us

“If someone you may know also have this issue and is losing confidence and needs an alternative pls share and let them know there is a solution,” @sadiddygirl reminds us. 

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