All too often the stigma associated with the gym and natural hair discourages black women from exercising, many of whom believe that natural hair won’t last past a strenuous work-out. To debunk those problematic imputations, we’ve rounded up low-maintenance hairstyles that are great for the gym and curly-girl approved. You’ll never have to forgo your post-work-out plans, because these manageable hairdos will carry you from the gym to the office, to happy hour and beyond. Check them out. Cornrows Photo: Instagram/ @followhelita Cornrows are a hairstyle that requires a lot more than sweat to shift shape. Because this hairstyle weaves your hair together, your strands will rarely come undone. What’s even better is that the intricate parting keeps your scalp accessible for a post-work-out detox with your favorite dry shampoo. Pineapple Photo: Instagram/ @aminamarie There are a few reasons why we love this hairstyle for the gym. The pineapple, which involves using a headwrap to plop your curls on top your head like a pineapple, not only keep your strands from sticking to your neck but the hairdo also prevents your work-out routine from disrupting your curls. Goddess Locs Photo: Instagram/ @deannarobsinsonfit Enter the realm of protective styles: Goddess locs are a protective style that keeps your hair on lock.  Because synthetic hair is wrapped around your natural hair, you can shield your strands from moisture and frizz. Ponytail Photo: Instagram/ @hannahbrofman Aside from being every girl’s favorite low maintenance hairstyle, we love ponytails because they keep our strands from clinging to our skin and they’re easy to manipulate. A rake of pomade is all it takes to polish up this look for a business meeting or brunch with bae. Rope Twist Photo: Insatgram/ @brittnebabe If you want the safety of protective styles like box braids or faux-locs, but also want a hairdo that’s lighter in weight, try rope twist. Faux-Hawk Photo: Instagram/ @allymisslove If you’re looking to have a bit more fun with your gym hair, then a faux-hawk may be your coiffure du jour. The edgy look is functional and stylish for working out. Top Knot Photo: Instagram/ @tamsgoinham The top knot may be the G.O.A.T. of gym hair.  It’s super chic and isn’t too stressful on your strands either. When it comes to figuring out if you’ve just left the gym or the runway, we can’t tell. Box Braids
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Happy Wednesday tribe? [read below, tag a friend ] The journey to a lifestyle change isn’t a race. It is,in fact, a marathon! Strive for progress, NOT, perfection. No matter how small the progress is, with consistency you’ll get to where you want to be. Focus on seizing the day. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Start small and build on those goals. Start working out because you love your body, not because you hate it. Everyday you increase your performance, your body will follow. Everyday you decide to replace an unhealthy eating habit, your body will follow. Focus on getting stronger, getting faster, having more endurance, being more flexible, and eating healthier. The glutes, the muscle, the smaller waist, and anything you dream off aesthetically, will come on its own. So now that you’re inspired, don’t you dare doubt your path. It takes time. Go at your own pace and don’t give up. To my @mawarrior queens, keep going. You got this. ___________________________________________________ ¡El viaje hacia un cambio de estilo de vida no es una carrera. Es, de hecho, un maratón! Lucha progresar , y no alcanzar la perfección. No importa cuán pequeño sea el progreso, con consistencia llegarás a donde quieres estar. Enfócate en ganar el día . No seas tan duro contigo mismo. Comienza poco a poco, y sigue elevando tus objetivos . Comienza a ejercitarte porque amas tu cuerpo, no porque lo odies. Cada día que aumentes tu rendimiento, tu cuerpo seguirá adaptándose . Cada día que decidas comer más sano, tu cuerpo seguirá adaptándose. Concentrate en ser más fuerte, más rápido, tener más resistencia, ser más flexible, y comer de forma más saludable. Los glúteos, el músculo, la cintura más pequeña cualquier cosa que sueñes estéticamente, vendrán por sí solos. Entonces, ahora que estás inspirado, no te atrevas a dudar de este camino. Toma tiempo, lo sé. Ve a tu propio ritmo y no te rindas. La gratificación instantánea no existe. Si quieres cambiar para siempre, tienes que seguir adelante!

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Photo: Isnstagram/ @massey.arias Box braids may not seem that exhilarating until you’ve exercised in them. They’re tough enough to withstand grueling drills and pretty enough to slay all day. Undercut Photo: Instagram/ @mynameisjessamyn A short undercut is the easiest of hairstyles for slaying at the gym. They’re light as a feather and require little to no maintenance. You can also wash your hair on the go to remove musty odors without disrupting your style.

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