7 Easy Hair Rules For Every Curl Pattern
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Hair care is an ever-evolving pillar of beauty maintenance. There’s always a new technique to master, product to buy or expert to follow for advice. Because black hair textures exist on a very wide spectrum, the stakes are raised as we constantly align our regimens and needs.

Thankfully, the booming Black beauty business is adjusting along with us. Last month, we snagged a game changing hair gel for our BeautyBox. The Uncle Funky’s Daughter “Curly Magic more than lives up to its name with an aloe-based formula that stimulates wet curls to dry without the frizz. Long story short: we’re obsessed!

However, an incredible backstory also lies beyond the product benefits. We recently ventured to Texas for an exclusive sit down with the CEO of this BeautyBox favorite. Besides filling us in on the company’s history, she also delved into what makes Curly Magic so special for every texture and curl pattern.

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After you’re done watching our latest exclusive, keep reading for a refresher on hair rules that are also inclusive to various hair types.