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6 Tips For Making Your Wig Look Natural

Here's how to make your wig look like it's growing from your scalp.
6 Tips For Making Your Wig Look Natural
Photo: Courtesy of Mayvenn

Hair salons across the country are slowly reopening after being shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, stay-at-home orders are still in effect in most states, which means many of us will face another week of hair struggles.

Thankfully, wigs are there to help us cope with challenging hair days. And for tips on how to make the units look natural, we tapped an expert source. Enters Mayvenn. 

The Black-owned hair extension company that offers 100 percent virgin hair extensions, including lace front and ready to wear wigs, along with free installs, has 6 tips for making your wig look as natural as the hair growing out of your head.  

Curious to see how it’s done? Follow the steps below.