5 Easy Head Wrap Tutorials To Try Before Your Next Zoom Meeting
Photo: Getty

If there was ever a need for head wraps, the time is now. With the mandated shut down of hair salons across the country due to COVID-19, challenging hair days are before us. And the headwear is just the thing to keep grown out roots, frizzy braids and curls concealed while running errands and attending Zoom meetings.

What we love most about the hair accessories are the stylish ways to wear them. From beautiful buns to tall turbans, the options are plenty.

And to show just how versatile they are, we rounded up a few head wrap tutorials to try in the gallery below.

For Beginners

Video: YouTube Dimma Umeh

Tall Turban Style

Video: YouTube Lovette Jallow

Low Bun Style

Video: YouTube iMadameJay

Bow Style

Video: YouTube MahoganyCurls

Full Turban Style

Video: She’s Mishka


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