Fun and Festive Holiday Hairstyles That Look Amazing On Type 4 Hair

Hair and lifestyle vlogger Whitney White brings us loads of fresh, real and fun hairstyle inspiration online. Whether she’s whipping up a DIY mane concoction, letting us in on how she gets her enviable curls or just making us laugh (check out her 100 Layers of Wigs video!), she keeps us and her nearly 800,000 YouTube followers hooked. Here she shares six of her party-perfect looks that will add a little flair to your tresses.

Nykia Spradley Nov, 16, 2016

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Social media star Whitney White of Naptural85 shares some of her most festive styles—just in time for soiree season.

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“From a basic rod set, gather curls on top of your head and pin in place. Your high puff just leveled up!”

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Roller-set with glitter gel (either store-bought or DIY): “This style is great for those who want to experiment with glitter but would like it to be a bit more subtle.”

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“This look was inspired by The Wiz. A simple crown braid is elevated by grabbing some seasonal flora and inserting them in various spots throughout the braid.”

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“I sprayed a deep red temporary hair dye—which washes out—all over, followed by a blond temporary dye on various sections for dimension.”

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“Just add some glitter gel to a few sections of your natural hair, prior to twisting, and when you unravel you’ll have instant glitter highlights.”

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This confetti bun is for the girl who wants to bring the party, literally! It’s a fun style, and using added hair instead of your own protects it from the confetti!” For a step-by-step guide on how to re-create this ideal New Year’s Eve protective do, check out Naptural85 on YouTube.