Hair products can become quite costly, considering all the time and effort we put into the trial and effort process. If the receipts are beginning to add up with too many hair purchases, the time has come to switch gears and start pampering your tresses with ingredients that are closer than you think.

DIY hair care has exploded on the hair care scene with the expansion of the natural hair movement, and for good reason! Not only can you make the grocery store your one-stop-shop for things nutrition and beauty, but you’re bound to start saving yourself a fortune.

And while finding your new hair care routine might seem a little complicated, achieving stronger, healthier hair might be a lot easier and tastier than you thought! Fruits, yogurts, and oils are all common household foods that can be incorporated into your new hair regimen.

Break out your pen, take notes and start gathering your list for those must-have ingredients for your next hair recipes that might be tasty enough to set aside for a snack.    

  1. Mayonnaise Deep Conditioning Mask
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Mayo is known a naturally fatty and oily consistency, perfect for restoring moisture to dry tresses and softening the hair. A DIY mayonnaise mask adds sheen to dull hair and prevents strands from becoming weak.  Adding honey locks in moisture and promotes hair retention.

Curl Cure:

  • -1 cup regular Mayonnaise
  • -1/3 cup plain yogurt
  • -1/3 cup olive oil (or coconut oil)
  • -2 tablespoons honey

Mix the ingredients together and apply evenly through damp hair. Cover with a plastic cap.  Leave on for about an hour before rinsing.

  1. Avocado Deep Conditioning Mask
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    Avocado is also rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids that are perfect for restoring brittle hair. Mix one avocado, two tablespoons of pure/organic honey and one tablespoon of avocado oil (or extra-virgin olive oil). Blend the mixture until completely smooth. Distribute evenly through wet hair, place a plastic cap on top and leave for an hour before rinsing. Follow up with leave in conditioner.

Avocado isn’t just for that guacamole you love. It’s also rich in vitamins, oleic acid and other essential fatty acids that are perfect for restoring brittle curls.

Curl Cure:

  • -1 avocado, mashed well
  • -2 tablespoons pure or organic honey
  • -1 tablespoon avocado oil (or extra-virgin olive oil)

Blend the avocado until it is completely smooth. Distribute evenly through wet hair, place a plastic cap on top and leave on for an hour before rinsing. Follow up with a leave in conditioner.

  1. Milk & Honey Mask (spotted at
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What tastes better together than milk and honey? The combination is also yummy for your hair, too!

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Curl Cure: 

  • -Cup of Whole Milk (room temperature)
  • -2 tablespoons of honey

Melt honey and mix with room temperature milk, work through hair and be sure to saturate the ends. Leave on for an hour and rinse with your normal shampoo.

  1. Strawberry Mask (spotted at
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Strawberries are known for being a great antioxidant for the body, but their rich nutrients also provide tons of hydration and shine to the hair. 

Curl Cure: 

  • -200 grams of fresh strawberry (about 1 cup)
  • -One egg yolk
  • -2 big spoons of olive oil

Blend your strawberries and mix with other ingredients. Leave on for about 20-30 mins, rinse and style.

  1. Papaya Mask (spotted at
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Cure dry and brittle hair with papaya, an ingredient found at most local grocery stores that is great for restoring shine and nourishment.

Curl Cure: 

  • -one whole papaya
  • -1 tablespoon of yogurt
  • -1 tablespoon of olive oil

Mash the papaya until there are no visible lumps, mix in yogurt and olive oil. Apply to hair, cover with a cap and leave on for 45 minutes. Rub into a lather as you rinse.