Protective Style 101: 17 Hairstyles From Instagram To Help You Slay Summer

Jennifer Ford Jun, 10, 2018

Protective styles go hand and hand with the summer. They’re also low maintenance, so it’s no wonder why we’ll be flocking to the hair salon this season to request cornrows, box braids, and extensions.

What we love most are the endless ways to wear them. You can customize each look with intricate parting, hair accessories, and even fun pops of color. Not to mention, they won’t disrupt the health your hair; hence the name protective style. There’s no better way to slay your hair for summer than with one of these dope hairdos.

For inspiration, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite looks. Check them out!

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You can achieve a number of looks with crochet braids including this voluptuous Afro. To get the look, cornrow your natural hair and use a latch hook to secure an extension of your choice.

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When it comes to box braids, the chunkier the better! Before you braid your hair, section your hair off in large squares to achieve your desired thickness.

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Crown braids have a way of making us feel regal, especially when they're intertwined with gold hardware like this glorious version. Gather a single plait around your crown and into a bun to copy the look.

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How gorgeous are these Senegalese twist?

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Faux-locs tend to be the long lasting because all your natural hair is concealed.  After you've created individual braids by blending your natural hair and braiding hair, wrap natural colored yarn or more braiding hair around each strand to get the look.

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Color intensifies any hairstyle and we love how these greens braids make this look pop.

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French cornrows are classic but baby hair and colorful ribbons give this look a millennial flare.

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Sky's the limit for a protective style, hence this towering top knot.

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There are a million ways to accessorize protective styles and these cowry shells are the perfect addition.

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Who doesn't love a high ponytail? This one is easy to recreate and is a super low maintenance protective style.

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Faux-locs are a great way to protect hair from summer's scorching temperatures. Add fun jewelry and accessories to take things up a notch.

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Who says box braids have to be boring? Twist them into two buns for a cute take on classic protective style.

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A low ponytail can get pretty boring, so spice things up with exposed bobby pins.

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Throw on a printed headscarf to create the illusion of bangs and make a top not, not so boring.

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Keep hair out of the way during summer's hot temperatures with two high buns.

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Hair jewelry and interesting parts can take any style from 0 to 100, including a top knot.

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