16 Beauties Who Keep Their Edges Slayed

Today is National Edge Day and we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate one of of favorite topics: slayed edges. Though the holiday is really about celebrating the straight edge lifestyle of refraining from alcohol, drugs, and smoking (according to National Today it was coincidentally inspired by punk-rockers), we’d like to think that it’s a time to raise our crowns.

One of favorite true edge beauties is TLC’s Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas. She never indulges in what she calls “the devil’s juice” (alcohol), she doesn’t eat pork, and she lives an active and healthy lifestyle. She is also an originator of laid and slayed edges. She knows very well that there’s more than one way to lay your edges. It’s all about your hear mood on any particular day.

So on this day for resetting mind, body, and hairline, we salute these beauties who are somewhat following in Chilli’s footsteps by keeping their edges on point.