Zzzz... 5 Things You Can Do to Get Better Sleep Tonight

So you can stop wearing out your snooze button.

Virginia Lowman Jan, 22, 2016

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If there ever was a fountain of youth, it wouldn't actually be a fountain, it would look a lot more like your bed— goose down pillows, double-stacked and 350-count Egyptian Cotton sheets. Better sleep is one of life's saving graces; it leads to better skin, increased alterness, productivity and mood boosting. Oh, yeah and increased life expectancy! If you're struggling with drifting off to sleepy town, here are a few ways to get there sooner, now!

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A recent article in Health magazine suggests that kiwi could be a potential sleep aid. An hour befor your go to bed, blend two kiwis with ice and 1 cup of warm almond milk to help your body dial down and prepare to rest.

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At the end of a long day, there isn't anything better than a nice long soak. Fill your bathtub with warm water and add on cup of mineral bath salts to your water to soak in bliss. We love AHAVA Calming Lavender Mineral Bath Salt.

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When you mind is racing wiht thoughts, the best way to calm your nerves and find your bliss is with a warm cup of tea. Try a soothing blend like chamomile or lavendar. Celestial Seasonings Hearbal SleepTime Tea is a good blend to have on hand, and it's super affordable!

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Give your tech-y devices a bedtime. Studies show that the blue light from your smartphone and laptop actually keep your brain stimulated long after your put them away, so even though you put your phone away 30 minutes ago, your brain may be wired for another hour or so. Put the phone down, and read a book or meditate instead.

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The Journal of Neuroscience recently found that sleeping on your side helps your brain eliminate waste, which can decrease your chance of developing cognitive deficiencies like Alzheimer's. And, according to Health magazine, "side sleeping is also good for reducing snoring and relieveing back aches." 

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People often splurge on their bedroom decor and skimp-put on pillows and sheets. If you're having trouble sleeping, it may be because your bedding makes your boddy too hot or your pillows aren't firm enough. Consider upgrading your bed gear to wake up happier and more relaxed.