Zendaya's Celebrity Crush List

If hanging posters on the wall was still a thing, we asked super starlet Zendaya which hunky guys would make her wall. See her sexy picks!

Charli Penn May, 14, 2015

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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton makes all the ladies swoon; Zendaya included. "He’s gorgeous," gushes the actress. “He really is. I met him one time and it was great!”

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“He’s awesome,” says Zendaya of steamy actor Michael B. Jordan. “He’s a great actor, and Fruitvale Station was one of those films I was personally connected to because I’m from Oakland and I remember when it happened.”

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“My grown man crush is Morris Chestnut,” says Zendaya. “He’s just timeless! I’m just gonna put that out there.”

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“He is such a good actor,” says Zendaya. “I love the character that he portrays (Huck on Scandal). I’m really interested in people because of their talents and what they’re able to do. He’s amazing!”

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“I love Channing Tatum!” says Zendaya of the former model-turned-Hollywood superstar. “It’s his dancing that really got my heart.”

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When the topic of every woman’s ultimate crush (Idris Elba!) came up, Zendaya had one thing and one thing only to say about the British heartthrob: “I mean, that accent!”