Zendaya Shares Her 4 Favorite Nail Trends

Guest Editor Zendaya reveals the nail trends she’s diving into this season.

Deena Campbell May, 14, 2015

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“I love simplicity,” says Zendaya. Try a painting a half-circle at the bottom of the nail in a different color to create your own take on the popular trend.

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"I’m really into solid colors now," says the 18 year-old. "Corals, bright blue, and greens look great on our skin."

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“I like that this look is different and people will say ‘wow!’ Zendaya says about the 3D rocker style at the Libertine Spring 2015 show. "But, you can’t do anything [while wearing the nails]. You literally can’t wipe your behind!”

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“This is a great DIY look,” says the actress. Graphic lines are simple to create and a fun way to add a twist to a basic mani. Try Nail Art brushes to master perfect lines.