Zane's Top 9 Ways to Have Mind-Blowing Sex Tonight

Zane's Top 9 Ways to Have Mind-Blowing Sex Tonight
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 12, 2008

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The next time you two pull into the garage, see how far back that passenger seat reclines. Or better yet, hop into the backseat and go at it like two teens out on a Saturday night.

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Rough day at work? Unwind the second you get home by dropping your bag—and any inhibitions—as soon as you close the front door. Tell your man you’ve been waiting to feel his hands on you all day—and then use the doorknob to brace yourselves for impact, right there in the entryway.

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Ask your man one simple question: “What sexual fantasy would you want to fulfill with me?” It may be as basic as wanting you to initiate sex. Or as complex as a costume and a video camera. Either way, communicating your desires and needs to each other can be the ultimate aphrodisiac. After your candid sex talk, start fulfilling his intimate wishes (if you’re comfortable with them) and ask him to reciprocate.

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Forget about the missionary position—tonight you’re riding high. I know you’re nervous: I’m constantly getting questions from my readers about the woman-on-top position. But you deserve to take control at times. Not only will your partner appreciate being able to lie back and enjoy himself, but you’ll also feel empowered by taking the lead. And trust me, I’m sure if you need a little assistance on top, your man will help you get into the groove.

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Manless at the moment? Try picking a night to tune out the rest of the world and indulge your senses at home. Turn off your phone, order in a decadent meal, and only leave your scented, candlelit bath to slip into a plush robe and head for bed. Top the night off by pleasuring yourself to sleep.

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Feel like you can’t say even one word to your man while the Yankees are playing? Actions speak louder anyway. So long as he’s not watching the World Series, be bold enough to try to tempt him away from the television with a sexy striptease. He’ll remember that it’s not whether his team wins or loses, but how much play he gets.

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Next time you’re both at a party, sneak off—one at a time—to the bathroom, a closet or any space you can find for a quickie. The adrenaline rush of possibly getting caught will increase your excitement tenfold.

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Go alone to a coffee shop or an erotic poetry night and fantasize about sexy men you see there. Which ones look like great lovers? How would the guy in the corner handle your body? Later that night, put your mind to the ultimate challenge: See if you can reach orgasmic ecstasy by simply playing out the interlude in your mind.

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Happen to find yourself in one of those awfully slow fast-food drive-throughs? When you’re done shouting into the microphone, lean over to your man and, in silky-soft tones, talk dirty in his ear. Even use your fingers to explore each other’s bodies in a little foreplay. But stop fooling around before you get into camera range. Don’t worry, you can continue at home and really have it your way.