In Your Lap

In Your Lap
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 21, 2010

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Staring at a laptop assortment in an electronics store can easily make your head spin. Trying to understand the geeky stats that come with each is even more headache inducing. Before pulling your hair out, take comfort in the fact that no matter what your need, price range, style, or level of tech knowledge, finding a laptop that fits your budget and personality can be a piece of cake, seriously. Here’s a lineup of notebooks narrowed down by form and function that rank top on the market and cover a wide range of bases.

The Color Me Cute collection is both pretty and practical. It comes with 320GB’s of space and if the bright exterior isn’t enoug

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At just 5.2 pounds you won’t feel bogged down toting this around. Add on extras like a Blu-ray drive and a backlit keyboard are also available.

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More than just artists and photographers will appreciate the high quality graphics capability, built-in memory card slot, and super lightweight design of this sleek laptop (it’s only 4.5 pounds).

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If looking after the environment is on your agenda then you’ll love this earth-friendly computer. The exterior is made of recycled CD’s and it comes in a reusable carrying-case made from recycled bottles. All of the goods inside have the same power as any other netbook.

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With a price tag under $500 this shiny and sleek Netbook is rated one of the best on the market. With a 14-hour battery life it’s perfect for travels that work on the go.

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Even if you’re not an iPhone convert, you’ll love this touch screen tablet that does everything a traditional laptop does, and then some.

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With tons of customizable upgrades it’s easy to create a computer that fits perfectly with your needs.

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Think thin without compromising the good stuff inside. At less thank 1-inch thick, you get all the bells and whistles of oversized laptops.

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Cute, compact, and stores enough battery power to keep you going for 11 hours.

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