Is Your Hair Ready For Winter?

If you live anywhere above the equator, you know that “winter is coming” isn’t just a pithy phrase from Game of Thrones. This isn’t a game. Many in the Midwest have already seen a sprinkling of snow, or had a frost warning flash across their TV screens. You can feel the bite in the air, and you can see it in the color of the sky. If you’re like me, you can also feel it in the dryness of your skin and hair. The time to prepare is now! Here are my step by step tips to get your natural hair ready for winter!

Afrobella Oct, 17, 2014

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Winter is a dry, cold season that does its best to leach the moisture out of everything. One step towards keeping your hair, skin and body looking and feeling its best is by getting enough internal moisture. You’ll notice you will wake up feeling extra thirsty in the winter mornings – that’s a sign that your body needs more water!

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consider avoiding glycerin based styling products. As you might remember from our Know Your Ingredients post on glycerin, it can absorb moisture from the atmosphere, but if the air is dry it can also leach the moisture from your hair. During the winter, many avoid glycerin just on principle for the moisture draining factor.

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step up your deep conditioning, oil treatments and hair steaming. Winter is a time when many reach for a protective style to just keep their natural hair safe from the elements. If you decide to rock your natural all winter long, make sure you are caring for your hair as best as you can, by toning down harsh shampoos and adding a whole lot more conditioning to your regimen. Think deep moisture and low manipulation.

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Invest in a good satin lined knit hat, or a satin cap you can wear under your knit hat. Your hair may be thick but when that hawk gets to blowing, it won’t keep you warm enough. You can find awesome satin lined knit hats, handmade by women like us, for women like us on Etsy!

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Never forget to seal in that moisture. Winter requires deep, penetrative moisture. Think shea butter and olive oil, heavy hair puddings and deep conditioning treatments. Seal with oils after styling.


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