Year in Curvy Models

Tips and tricks from our featured plus-size beauties who rock their bodies confidently.

Celia L. Smith Dec, 18, 2014

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"The best trick I use to flatter my curves is accenting the waist. If you accent the smallest part of your frame (under your bust and above your hips) you emphasize the hourglass shape." ––Marshall

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"My advice to budding plus size models is, go for it! Dream big and be prepared to work really hard. Also, never take anything personally. This is a business and it must be treated as such." –– Bidot.

Chromat Spring 2015 Runway Show at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

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"My pet peeve when it comes to curvy girl fashion is the type of fabric used for pants. I'm a woman with thick thighs –– thighs that touch and create those uncomfortable and unattractive lint balls in the inseam of your pant legs.  My quick go to solution is to take a disposable razor or a pumice stone, it doesn't have to be fancy and lightly shave the lint material balls off. Take a lint roller to it once your done to grab any excess material –– and voila! No inner thigh lint." ––Blair

4 of 10 Nic Padron

"I cleanse my skin nightly with Neutrogena Naturals Acne Cream Cleanser. Then I apply Effaclar K to my T-zone & Effaclar Duo Dual Acne Treatment by La Roche Posay to get rid of stubborn breakouts almost overnight. I moisturize with Embryolisse Lait-Creme day and night." ––Crawford

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"I try my best to stay healthy by paying attention to the ingredients in foods and trying to make sure my food is organic and not full of sugar or preservatives. I also try to do at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday in the gym. In addition to this I walk everywhere!" ––Kwao

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"My health routine is all about balance. I like to eat a lot of greens and drink a lot of water but I also enjoy my fair share of pasta and meat, and sometimes sweets. I love chocolate. It's important to be healthy, but being healthy doesn't mean you can only eat spinach all day long. Good health requires a good balance. I've gotten into juicing lately which is so yummy and so good for you! I also like to go to the gym several times a week to get in some cardio and weights." ––McDonnaugh

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"So many aspiring models go from agency to agency without getting signed and I understand that it is not easy. Many aspiring models feel that they need to be signed in order to book work. Yes, it's a huge help and honor to be signed to a reputable agency but with social media you can create your own platform. Creating your own platform will open up unimaginable doors and create amazing opportunities!" ––Madison

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"My pet peeve is when curvy girls don't wear the proper undergarments and panty lines are visible and breasts spill out of a girl's bra. Get measured by a bra specialist (Intimacy Boutiques and Nordstom are pros) every 3-4 months to ensure I am wearing the right size bra. The proper bra, thongs/seamless panties and Spanx are a girls best friend and foundation to looking their absolute best." ––Powell

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"My advice to budding plus size models is empower yourself through education. Models often start their careers very early, and sometimes never attend college. While I do believe everyone’s journey in life is uniquely their own, studies have shown that women who have an education are more empowered, both socially and economically." ––Tesfay

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"My beauty routine starts off with a freshly cleansed and moisturized face using Philosophy's Purity and Hope in a Jar. As far as make up goes, my daily products are L'Oreal True Match's classic liquid foundation in W7 and W8 mixed for my perfect shade, MAC's Studio Finish concealer in NC45, NYX's automatic brow pencil in Dark Brown, Benefit's They're Real Push-Up gel liner, Buxom's Vanity Lash mascara in Show-Off Black, CoverGirl Queen Collection's bronzer in Ebony, and lastly any lip that I'm feeling that day. 

 " ––Brownridge