Yaaas Love! 8 Celeb Couples Serve #RelationshipGoals For 2016

Take notes, because we’ve got your roadmap for romantic bliss in the new year.

Charli Penn Dec, 28, 2015

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Take notes, because we’ve got your roadmap for romantic bliss in the new year.

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In 2016, stay positive and focused on your dreams. Make power moves together, stand by each other's sides and love and support each other with passion and pride.

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Give yourselves something amazing to look forward to in 2016: kick off the New Year by booking epic travel plans for two (or three or four). The more the merrier as long as your plan for new adventures is in progress.

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If you let the holidays sneak up on you, they'll pass you right on by. Look ahead and plan new ways to spend the time together and truly make each moment count.

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As you make plans for 2016, remember the importance of showing up for the one you love. Whether the moment is big or small, plan to be there, smiling and providing them with the love and support they deserve.

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Throw out the rulebooks and klive and love each other on your own terms in 2016. Block out the haters (even if they're family) and start answering only to yourselves.

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Fill your calendar year with more cuddles, snuggles and smooches when you're together—no matter who's watching. Don’t just do it for the gram, do it because you love each other and you want the world to know.

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Double down in 2016 and bet on having more fun with like-minded couple friends. Whether it's a simple night of bowling or a full-fledged romantic getaway, the only requirement is that you mix it up and have some fun.

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Make 2016 bolder and sexier than ever before by commiting to turn up the heat every chance you can get. Pack that two piece, oil up his abs and grab that selfie stick. Go on, and make us proud!

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Infuse more fun into your new year by vowing to live in the moment more with the one you love and focus more enjoying the things you love most about them and less on times wasted disagreeing over small things.

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Whether you're going to a friend's theme party or just getting a head start on next Halloweeen, commit to taking your couple chemistry to the next level and showing off your creative skills.

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Nothing will open your hearts more in 2016 than opening yours to those in need -- together.


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