The Worst Sex Advice You Ever Heard

The Worst Sex Advice You Ever Heard
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 25, 2012

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“Close your eyes and imagine ____. I opened my eyes. Ruined the whole moment.” – Erika

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“Sex is good for acne!” – Susana

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“Black women don’t do ‘that’…as in oral sex.” – Kimberley

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“It’s supposed to hurt, and don’t expect to have an orgasm.” – Shake

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“If you have to go to the bathroom you are having a orgasm.” — Eupholia

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“You’re married now, so it doesn’t matter if you enjoy it or not, just deal with it. It’s all about pleasing your husband, your feelings don’t count, just fake it. The absolute worst!” – Keisha

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“’Have sex with your man as much as you can or he’ll have sex with someone else.’ I say have sex with your man because you love him and you want to keep the physical connection you have strong. If he’s a cheater he will cheat.” – Michael

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‎"Just do it." – Kaysha

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“That the bigger penis the better sex. Found out you don’t want the smallest but it’s all in how you work it.” – Monique

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“Fake it, it’ll get better in time.” – Bertha