Work-Wear: Hourglass Bold

Suit up in these beautifully tailored pieces hand-picked precisely for your frame. 

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The perfect blazer is no longer hard to find.  This structured blazer offers a lustrous look while teaming perfectly with your hourglass silhouette.

Vanessa Bruno, $730,

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Darling you can’t go wrong with a pair of wide leg trousers.  This wide-leg design both fits and flatters your bum and legs for your everyday sweep through the office.

Trousers, John Lewis, $65,

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Flaunt this vintage themed midi dress over your coveted curves to your next interview and be prepared for an offer like no other. 

Dress, Modcloth, $149.99,

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This pastel pink work-wear blazer offers a refreshing modern twist to your typical black blazer.

Blazer, John Lewis, $115,

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Suited to perfection is comfortably easy in this tailored ensemble.  Add an unexpected white t-shirt to balance out this rich toffee masterpiece.

Pants Suit, DKNY, $445,

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Button-up and roll up your sleeves in this unexpected stylish office wear blouse.

Blouse, H&M, $19.95,

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With the fall right around the corner this midi ribbed knit proves to be work and frame appropriate.

Dress, New Look, $30,

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A beautifully tailored white suite is just what your curves ordered. Combine this polished look with a silk cami and open toe sandals for a finished office appearance.

Pants Suite, H&M, $34.95, $49.95

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Balance out your muted black suit with this waterfall pink blazer.  The waterfall cut will amp up your curves smoothly.

Blazer, Boohoo, $30,

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Midi dresses with the perfect illusion cuts are ideal for your frame. 

Dress,Boohoo, $40,


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